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Adrien Brody 5 DVD Lot: $15

Payment: Paypal only
Shipping from Wisconsin: Prices do not include shipping
Items come from a clean, smoke-free home (I do own cats)
All sales final
Feedback here.

Price: $15 + shipping

For sale are 5 like new DVDs featuring Adrien Brody from The Pianist. Included are Summer of Sam, Liberty Heights, Restaurant, Oxygen, and Bread & Roses. Each DVD was viewed once a number of years ago, and then put into storage in my closet (and rediscovered as I'm preparing to move!). I treat my DVDs with the utmost care, so they are all in great shape. A quick survey of the CDs showed no major scratches, gouges, etc, just a bit of dust in some cases that can be wiped away.

This is a great set for Adrien Brody fans interested in some of his older, pre-The Pianist work.

All of these DVDs were purchased from Amazon.com and are region 1. They are all widescreen DVDs, and many have special features.
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