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Your Daily Adrien Brody Fix

(for the brody addicts)

Your Adrien Brody Fix
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Welcome to Adrien Daily!

We all know you need Adrien. He's like a drug, and the withdrawal symptoms aren't pleasant (think: Renton in Trainspotting. Yes, it's really that bad.) So here we are. Ready to prevent babies from crawling on the ceiling by posting at least one Adrien Brody picture a day.

And, because horsefacehannah is lazy at the moment, and it's 1:24 AM as she types this, she's just yoinking the rules straight from ewan_daily. Which is great, by the way. You should join.

This is essentially a pictures-only LJ Community. There are many other LJ Communities out there dedicated to various aspects of Ewan's Adrien's career (*cough*cough* adrienbrody), in which you can post news items etc. Let's keep this one to pictures only, please!

We have three rules:

1- If you'd like to start a new post in the community then you must post a picture with it.
Please try to keep all pictures under 500 pixels in width. You may post a comment without using a picture, but all 'top-line' posts [ ie: those that will show on the main journal page ] must include a picture.

2 - Please do not direct-link pictures from other sites unless you have permission from the site owner to do so.
Where possible, if you have permission to use pictures, please upload them to your own webspace, or email me [ dramaqueenducky at livejournal.com ] and I will upload them for you.

Following on from that:

3 - Please respect bandwidth!
(Because when bandwidth runs out, it makes people really, really angtsy. It's true.)

So... join! Tell your friends! Eat, drink, and be merry!

Oh yeah, and extreeeme thanks to medivh who provided the code for this thing...